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By William R. Scott

Fourth version. this can be the latest version of a really renowned guide that's utilized in school rooms all over the world to aid scholars studying to learn the Hebrew Bible. It features a basic and easy dialogue of the masoretes, the masoretic culture, the serious equipment of BHS, the Masora, the accents, strange letters, and different markings. It comprises an index. The fourth version additionally includes an appendix "Introduction to BHQ" via Harold Scanlin.

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The most recent such effort is that of Suzanne Ha'ik-Vantoura, a French musicologist and composer who has published several works and recordings. An English translation of the second edition of her book has been published under the title, The Music of the Bible Revealed. Ha'ik-Vantoura claims that each symbol has precise meaning in terms of musical expression, and that the system as a whole predates the masoretes by several centuries. INDEX OF SYMBOLS AND ABBREVIATIONS OF THE SMALL MASORA (Translation based on BHS pp.

T^lisd' qHannah immediately follows the last letter of a word and flisa' gddlah immediately precedes the first letter. THE ACCENTS OF THE THREE BOOKS The "Three Books" are Psalms, Job and Proverbs. The preceding discussion of accents in general applies to these three "poetic" books, but a different system of marking with slightly different criteria is employed. Some accent signs used in the Twenty-one Books are also used in the Three Books, but others are unique to the Three Books. The beginning and ending sections of Job (1:1 to 3:2 and 42:7-17) are considered to be prose and use the same system of accentuation as the Twenty-one Books.

Using such manuscripts, it was not possible to determine which passages reflected the Hebrew text and which reflected the Septuagint. Today the term "hexaplaric" is used pejoratively by Biblical scholars. 2. put = future 3. hi = hiphil 4. hit — hithpael 5. ho = hophal 6. K = If fib 7. ni = niphal 8. num. = indicates that the entry is a question 9. ob = (see "ast" - #1) 10. pi = piel 11. pu = pual 12. Q e =g re e 13. Seb = s bir (see p. 15) 14. Tiq Soph = (tiqqune sopherim) means "scribal corrections" (see p.

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