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By Robert Brentano

Exceptional historian Robert Brentano offers a wholly new point of view at the personality of the church, faith, and society within the medieval Italian diocese of Rieti from 1188 to 1378. Combing via a cache of formerly neglected records saved in a tower of the cathedral, he makes use of wills, litigation court cases, economic bills, and different files to reconstruct the way of life of the diocese.

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But these latter things are inextricably connected with personal piety, and they lose their meaning if they are detached from its more nebulous material. Besides, much does remain, and much that is poignant and moving as well as puzzling. This pious and testamentary development took place in and around the small urban capital, Rieti, of a big rustic diocese which stretched to different distances in all directions from the city. In its specific Reatine form the development is inseparable from the place in which and the people among whom it took place.

38 On 1 April 1341 in the house of Vanni di Don Tommaso Cimini (or de Ciminis), with as a witness Matteo di don Filippo Pasinelli, ''Manuelis Consilii Judeus" came forward to act for himself and a group of some ten named associates, from a somewhat smaller group of families, men with names like those of the brothers (in the genitive) Abrammi and Salomoni alias Bonaventure, sons of the now dead Magister Bengiaminia high proportion of magistri. Manuelis was present to come to an agreement, to end discord and litigation, with the brothers Musictus and Gagius, sons < previous page page_26 next page > < previous page page_27 next page > Page 27 and heirs of the by then dead Magister Elya Muse, who had formerly formed a part of the association or shop (apotheca) which Manuelis represented.

Previous page page_13 next page > < previous page page_14 next page > Page 14 1. The same woman in the same room in the Valcellina village of Claut in the Friuli (a) in 1962 and (b) in 1976. Photographs by Italo Zannier. Reproduced by permission. < previous page page_14 next page > < previous page page_14-0 next page > 2. Facade and north flank of the rural church of Santa Vittoria near Monteleone Sabina reconstructed under Bishop Dodone in the mid-twelfth century. Photograph by Barbara Bini.

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