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By Sigrid Weigel, Gerhard Scharbert

The publication offers an outline of the time period neuropsychoanalysis and lines its old and medical foundations in addition to its cultural implications. It additionally turns its consciousness to a couple blind spots, open questions, and to what the long run could carry. It examines the cooperative and conflicted courting among psychoanalysis and neuroscience. Articles from assorted fields examine the neurological foundation of psychoanalysis in addition to the mental phrases of neurology. in addition they speak about what psychoanalysis has to provide neuroscience. moreover, the rising neuro-psychoanalytical discussion is enriched right here through the voice of a culturally knowledgeable historical past of technological know-how. The e-book brings best gurus on those issues into dialog with one another, developing an unheard of chance to higher comprehend the ‘language’ of the psyche. particular issues comprise the dialogue of corporeality, how the physique figures into psychoanalysis, the that means of the subconscious in reference to goals, subconscious fantasies, and the sphere of epigenetics. Following a historic viewpoint the ebook offers a re-reading of Freud's force conception, exploring his idea of ‘life’ on the threshold of technological know-how and tradition in addition to the connection among a variety of representations, somatic states and the starting place of force. total, the e-book argues that if different methodological ways of psychoanalysis and neuroscience are said not just for his or her person forte but additionally as a dialectic, then the ensuing epistemological and methodological discussion may well open up a desirable physique of neuropsychoanalytical knowledge.

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By using multiple converging methods, we have made especially remarkable progress with regard to the psychoanalytic theory on dreams (Solms 1997b, 2000, 2011). For example, we have demonstrated that dreams are motivated by instinctual mechanisms and appear to protect sleep (see Solms 2001). It has been gratifying to rediscover the Freudian conception of dreams in the neurodynamics of the sleeping brain. Indeed, in 2006, at the ‘Science of Consciousness’ Conference in Tucson, Arizona, a formal OxfordRules debate (Solms vs.

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