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Nonetheless a typical of Brazilian Portuguese language guideline.

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Note the following exalllples: O livro está rasgado. The book is torno O livro é em inglês. A porta está aberta. A porta é aberta pelo menino. The door is open. The book is in English. The door is opened by the boy. 22 The street is covered with A rua é coberta de asfalto. asphalt. (passive or not) Ganhei na loteria; estou rico. I won in the lottery; I'm Eu sou rico. I'm rich. Os noivos já estão casados. The bride and groom are João é casado. John is a married mano rich. now married. 24. Ela está bonita.

This tense has retained in Portuguese both of the primary uses of the Latin perfect tense. Thus 49. a. It refers to a single past action, or to action or condition in the past which is Iimited in extent of time. It is especially the tense of narration, and therefore of primary importance. Hoje eu falei com ele. Eu fiquei duas horas. Ele trabalhou muito tempo. Today I spoke to him. I stayed two hours. He worked a long time. b. It is a present perfect tense, referring to an action as recently completed, like the present perfect in English.

They are placed in the sentence as if they were nouns. As direct ob­ jects, they follow the verbo I don't understand yOU. Here I leave yOU. Is he with you? Is the car yours? Who is behind you? Eu não compreendo você. Aqui deixo o senhor. Ele está com você? O carro é do senhor? Quem está atrás da senhora? Vocabulary Nouns a pena João a xicrinha o Brasil pen (point) a carta John a came o arroz /ô/ demi-tasse Brazi! (use the article) letter meat rice Verbs aprender (a) learn (to) usar escrever! ) open vender seU quer?

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