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By John D. MacDonald

Whilst Travis McGee discovers a face from his prior mendacity in a pool of blood on an inexpensive inn room flooring, he desires solutions. yet to this point, all he has are questions--plus the doubtful inheritance of his friend's vengeance-driven female friend, and a priceless historical Aztec golden idol. half insurgent, half thinker, and each inch his personal guy, Travis McGee plunges right into a wild and threatening trek for a killer that takes him from the Lauderdale seashores to the seething corruption of yankee expatriates in Mexican city, to the luxurious excessive lifetime of the California jet set."A grasp storyteller, a wizard of discussion, characterization, and plot."Chicago Tribune booklet international

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And she would wait out her years for him, unused and prideful. As I drove back to Bahia Mar I wanted to hold fast to all the small speculations about her, the forlorn erotic fancies, because I knew that as she slipped out of my mind, Sam Taggart would take her place. And he did, before I was home. I found a slot and then I shoved my hands into my pockets and walked across to the public beach. I walked slowly where the outgoing tide had left the sand damp and hard. The sea and the night sky can make death a small thing.

All you have to do is feel, Sam. ” “Sam, it will tear her up too much if you walk in cold. Let me get her set for it. ” He was silent again, and then I heard him sigh. “I got to sack out. Listen. I’ll be there tomorrow late. What’s tomorrow? Friday. ” “No. That won’t be so smart, for reasons I’ll tell you when I see you. And I’ve got to talk to you before I do anything about seeing Nora. What you better do, Trav, tell her I’m coming in Saturday. Don’t ask questions now. Just set it up that way.

Jump the culture trend. ” Meyer smiled and surveyed his flock. “With your money McGee, I’d rather be trivial. ” “Mmmm,” he said. He counted them. “Darlings, I see you are seven. Those of you who can be trusted to go round up one amiable young man each, respectful, attentive, light-hearted young men, raise your right hand. Three of you? Ah, four. Splendid. ” They trooped off my boat, making their little bird noises together, smiling back at us, waving. ” “That’s a pretty sloppy formation. ” “They are products of an increasingly regimented culture, my boy.

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