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Imagine that the ball is the Moon and the chair on which Alex is seated is the Earth. Sveta will take the ball and move round the chair as the Moon moves round the Earth, while I'll back away from you with the torch. The torch will represent the Sun. Father switched off the lights. " Father asked Alex. "I can't see it at all," answered Alex. "That's how it should be, the Moon does not give any light by itself," said Father. "Now I'll turn on the torch. " "It's badly lit up," said Alex. "The same thing happens with the Moon when it's between the Sun and the Earth, we can't see it from the Earth.

It's also a heavenly body," Father said. " asked Sveta. " said Father. " asked Alex. "Like the Earth, Mars is also a heavenly body. There are many heavenly bodies," said Father. "They include the stars, planets and satellites of planets. You know that the stars are hot spheres. They give out light because they're very hot. The other heavenly bodies, planets and their satellites, are cold. " "Then the Sun is like a lamp," said Alex. "You can put it that way," Father smiled. " Alex added. "No, you can't say that at all," Father said.

Asked Sveta. " asked Sveta. " asked Alex. "Yes you can, and you can even see the brightest ones in the daytime when the sun shines. " Alex was surprised. "Yes the Earth, you can watch the Earth from the Moon as we are now watching the Moon from the Earth," said Father. One evening the children, together with Father, were looking at a book with many photographs of the Earth taken from outer space. Some of the pictures showed the whole Earth, others only 87 The Earth Is Our Spacecraft ’'Ηλιος Ρ.

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