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There are innumerable items that promise to make members extra appealing, more healthy, extra well known, and extra winning. yet worldly possessions are by no means adequate for actual happiness: there is extra to it than having a good activity, dressmaker outfits, a hectic social existence, or a fats financial institution stability. This insightful advisor unveils the 8 elements that psychologists have came upon as foundations of genuine happiness, between them learning to forgive; making an investment time and effort in family and friends; and practising acts of kindness. In an age of unparalleled wealth that's coupled with remarkable sadness or even melancholy, this booklet is a well timed wake-up call.

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Contentment Contentment is sometimes described as the neurophysiological experience of satisfaction, of being at ease with one’s situation. Promoters of yoga might tell us that it is aided by breathing exercises and concentration. Ghandi told us that our ‘happiness really lies in contentment’. The problem is that we live within a society where we are continually being bombarded with messages that encourage us to want more, buy something better and purchase the next or latest version or model of car or ipod.

On how many occasions have you known a heightened awareness of an event that almost took you outside of yourself and caused you to be overwhelmed in and by that moment? ’ In finally understanding what their teacher was alluding to, many of the students acknowledged that they had only been truly alive for a few moments. Savouring opens the door to many more occasions when we are truly alive. It enables us to know what it means to be stilled by the emotion of awe, something that frequently comes with this quality.

When we are wronged or feel that we have been, many of us have to develop the capacity not to retaliate. Some of us need to work at becoming friendly again. In the ancient manuscript of Ecclesiastes, Solomon, a man who seemed to have everything – riches and wisdom – recalls his journey towards a life worth living. Satiated with all the pleasures that this world could offer him he went in search of life’s most precious experiences. His conclusion after his full and exhausting search was that life was all about giving yourself away – wholeheartedly.

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