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By Jack M. Bickham

If you happen to write fiction, you march onto a minefield. This booklet supplies a map.Oh, what tough terrain you are touring! you need to reckon with: personality, clash, viewpoint, discussion, Editors, Editors, and Editors, who - through returning tales they see as problem-plagued - can burst your hopes of publication.Where are the issues? Editors hardly make an effort to map them out, so Jack Bickham has. during this ebook, he spotlights the 38 most typical fiction writing land mines - writing error which can flip even dynamite tale principles into slush pile rejects. And he publications you in overcoming them.In to-the-point kind, he indicates you ways to:conquer procrastination - and positioned ink on paper regularlydump wimpy characters - and construct characters able to actlook for difficulty - and create conflicts to your characterscut accident - and placed better-than-life good judgment into fictionescape the fog - and locate and keep on with your story's directionfree emotions - and fireplace your fiction with ardour and emotionIn brief, Bickham is helping you're taking a huge step towards publication.Read this e-book. increase your writing. and begin surroundings off explosions the place they belong: at the revenues charts.

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He is committed. Attainment of his goal is essential to his happiness. All well and good. Having come this far, you have started to build your story as a quest. Virtually all contemporary fiction, at some level, is the record of such a quest. The "Indiana Jones" thrillers worked on the big screen because they were pure quest (in the third such adventure, it was literally a quest for the Holy Grail). Your story may involve a lesser goal, literally speaking, but it can be no less vital to your character.

Nothing can cripple your fiction more than looking at it backwards, as a static artifact or "done deal" rather than a living, forward-moving, dynamic series of inventions. So you'll be reading a lot of "don't" statements in the following pages. But that's partly just to get your attention. Remember, behind every negative is a positive. if you'll just persevere. So let's move on, now... forward. J. M. B. Table of Contents 1. when you can avoid procrastination and delays with these ideas to get your project started.

When you can hone your description skills by constantly practicing on the world around you. 22. when you can use these seven steps to create an exciting scene that will build tension. 23. when you can create interesting complications directly related to the story. 24. when you can employ the power of "emotion-thought-decision" to fulfill story goals. 25. when you can define your story's direction, and stick to it. 26. when you can be confident your writing is clear and powerful enough to keep readers out of the dark.

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