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Comprised 490 than in either KIR2DL3/2DL2 heterozy- individuals infected by blood infusion and gotes or KIR2DL2 homozygotes. Hence, 533 infected by injection. Although the HLA-C1:KIR2DL3 homozygotes are pre- frequency of resolved infection was the dicted to be rich in NK cells using same in both groups, the dramatic associKIR2DL3 as their inhibitory receptor for ation between HLA-C1:KIR2DL3 homoself HLA class I. For these NK cells, the in- zygosity and resolution of HCV infection hibitory control will be weaker than for was seen only in the group infected by other NK cells, so they will be more easily injection.

References and Notes 1. W. Kutzelnigg, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 23, 272 (1984). 2. D. Kost, I. Kalikhman, in The Chemistry of Organosilicon Compounds, Z. Rappoport, Y. Apeloig, Eds. (Wiley, Chichester, UK, 1998), vol. 2, part 2, pp. 1339–1346. 3. P. P. Power, Chem. Rev. 99, 3463 (1999). 4. C. A. Reed, Acc. Chem. Res. 31, 325 (1998). 5. D. Bourissou, O. Guerret, F. P. Gabbaï, G. Bertrand, Chem. Rev. 100, 39 (2000). 6. M. Haaf, T. A. Schmedake, R. West, Acc. Chem. Res. 33, 704 (2000). 7. P. 1099879).

Scattering experiments confirmed that the SRR medium had a magnetic resonance that could be tuned throughout the THz band by slight changes to the geometrical SRR parameters. Both the Swiss roll metamaterial and the THz SRR metamaterial illustrate the advantage of developing artificial magnetic re- Fig. 1. (A) A single element of Swiss roll metamaterial. (B) An array of such elements is assembled into a slab and the RF magnetic field from an M-shaped antenna, placed below the slab, is reproduced on the upper have unique properties, at these lower frequencies magnetism is also exhibited by existing conventional materials.

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