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By Loreen Leedy

Multiplication is made frightfully enjoyable! A desk is incorporated.

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56 Ϫ 29 You can change 29 to 30 by adding 1. If you mentally add one to each number, this problem becomes easy. 56 Ϫ 29 ϭ ? ϩ1 ϩ1 57 Ϫ 30 ϭ 27, so 56 Ϫ 29 ϭ 27 39 Subtracting W hen you subtract time values, always subtract the same units. Hours are subtracted from hours, and days are subtracted from days. There are 3 weeks and 6 days of summer vacation left. You are going to spend 2 weeks and 2 days at your aunt’s house. How much vacation time will be left after your visit with your aunt? Always subtract from right to left, smallest units first.

10 Ϫ 9 ϭ 1 3 10 4 11 4,051 Ϫ 3,922 129 32 Subtract in the thousands. 3 Ϫ 3 ϭ 0 This is the farthest place left, so leave it blank. Greater Numbers Let’s do another. 2,394 Ϫ 807 8 14 2,394 Ϫ 807 7 8 14 2,394 Ϫ 807 87 1 13 8 14 2,394 Ϫ 807 587 1 13 8 14 2,394 Ϫ 807 1587 33 Rounding To S ometimes you only need to estimate—A know an estimate, instead n answer tha t is not of an exact answer. For exact; a re asonable example, if you had $842 and guess. spent $593, about how much would you have left?

This week she didn’t have time to play very often, and her score decreased by 4,000 points. What is her score this week? 44 Problems 1 Understand the problem. Find what you know (score last week) and what you want to know (score this week). 2 Decide how you can solve the problem. The key words decreased by tell you that you can use subtraction to solve the problem. 3 Solve the problem. Subtract the number of points the score was decreased by from last week’s score. 32,000 score last week Ϫ 4,000 decrease in score 28,000 score this week 4 Check your work.

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