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This two-part observation argues that Chronicles, positioned because it is likely one of the 'historical books' within the conventional previous testomony of the Christian church, is way misunderstood. Restored to its right place because the ultimate booklet within the canon as prepared within the order of the Hebrew Bible, it is extremely to be understood as a piece of theology basically directed in the direction of the longer term. The Chronicler starts off his paintings with the matter dealing with the total human race in Adam-the forfeiture of the correct of excellent oneness with God's function. He explores the potential of the recovery of that excellent via Israel's position on the centre of the area of the international locations. This portrayal reaches its climax in an idealized presentation of the reign of Solomon, during which all of the rulers of the earth, together with such a lot famously the Queen of Sheba, carry their tribute in acknowledgment of Israel's prestige (Volume 1). As next heritage in basic terms too sincerely indicates, although, the Chronicler argues (Volume 2), that Israel itself, via unfaithfulness to Torah, has forfeited its correct to ownership of its land and is forged adrift between those similar international locations of the realm. however the Chronicler's message is one in every of desire. through an intensive transformation of the chronology of Israel's previous into theological phrases, the new release whom the Chronicler addresses turns into the 50th on the grounds that Adam. it's the iteration to whom the jubilee of go back to the land via a superbly enabled obedience to Torah, and hence the recovery of the primal perfect of the human race, is announced.

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5,14-15. C makes a number of more minor adjustments, of which only the most significant can be noted. In v. la the informal narrative style of 2 Sam. 2, There were sons born to David in Hebron', is replaced by a formal definitive record, These were the sons of David who were born to him at Hebron'. Minor detractions in character or incident are omitted. In 2 Samuel Abigail is identified as 'the wife of Nabal of Carmel'; here the discredited Nabal disappears. The phrases in 2 Sam. 5 that in Hebron David reigned 'over Judah', while in Jerusalem he reigned 'over all Israel and Judah', are also suppressed: for C David is simply king of Israel; initial difficulties do not signify.

3-4); Netophah was the home of two of David's mighty men (1 Chron. 30), who were also superintendents of the royal service (1 Chron. 13, 15), besides being the residence of a Levitical musician (1 Chron. 16; Neh. 28). This last association prepares the way for the climax in v. 54. 23 55 The text of v. 54 seems to have lost at least one phrase: 'the sons of Salma, the father o/Bethlehem, were... ' Cf. the structure of v. 52 and the resumption in 1 Chron. 3, below. Those brought most nearly into association with David are scribes of Kenite origin and affiliated to the Rechabites.

Judah himself, having compromised himself by resorting to one whom he takes to be a common prostitute, is by that act seduced by his daughter-in-law because of his earlier failure to provide her with his third son as husband. It is from this irregular levirate union, consummated because of failure in different ways by the original husband, his brother and his father, that there are born twin sons. Like Israel and Esau, they are contentious even from the womb: Perez ousts Zerah from his position as first-born (Gen.

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